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June 15, 2009


Jennifer Chaney

I LOVE your post! Everything from the poop to the cat was a perfect example of gratitude. And the humor of strangers is truly something I love, too, so that made me laugh! Thanks for posting! Others can see mine here http://jchaney.com/blog/ :)


Love this Kim. Your sense of humour really appeals to me. I'll be popping back onto your blog more often ... in the meantime you can see my 'Grateful' blog post here... http://tinyurl.com/lszcbo


I am grateful for Kim ....... she knows why.


This is fantastic! Love the poop picture. So great!!
Mine is up at: www.rachelclarephoto.com/blog


I too am grateful for Kim. She is my pen pal. Through bad luck or cimcumstance, we spent 2 years going to school together and never even met. 25 years later we connect and I count her as one of my best friends. I am grateful to know her.

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