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March 12, 2010


Chris D

We want to see the drivers licence picture!!!


Nice try..OVER MY DEAD BODY. No one except the RCMP will be seeing that thing....well, that is, unless I get carded!!!!!1

Chris D



I would rather see a picture you took - not the Licensing place. Who are the flowers from Kim ?? Oh yeah ........... nice being 29, isn't it ??

elizabeth pellette

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.. you are doing definately doing something right when the flooring people bring you cupcakes for your birthday.:)

Hope Fairbrother

Happy belated birthday Kim, you will always be my young friend! The flowers are beautiful and the cupcakes looked delicious! From one old doll to a young doll, the pictures only get wiser over time. Hope.


Kimmie, i am so glad the blog is up and running, i have missed it. Those are lovely flowers, but the girl they were sent to is lovelier!
Hope it continued all weekend long!


Wow, how did I miss that? Happy Birthday Kim :-)


Happy very late birthday!! Man...good old Bagtown :D

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