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August 12, 2010


Stephen O

Congratulations Kim! I feel the same way with Sofia, though she has yet to reach 2 years old yet! The unconditional love that one feels for one's child or children is something that every person should be honoured and allowed to feel and experience. It is the most amazing gift that one can receive, and we receive it every day!


Thanks Steve....I know you've enjoyed every second you've had with Sofia so far.

If I remember correctly, you were one of the first people to meet her in the hospital:)

Chris D

Happy Birthday/Birth Day to you both. That is a beautiful tribute. You should both keep a copy of that close by - to remind yourselves how lucky you are even when times are tough. You are right Kim - kids are here to be both students AND teachers. I will have your future son-in-law read this too....!!!! LOL!!!!


What a wonderful post Kim!! Roxanne gave me your blog link so I could look at Lisa & Ryan's shots ~ you did such a fabulous job at the wedding and you looked like you were having so much fun while you were doing it! I will never forget you and I leaning against the stage sobbing while Lisa was dancing with her grandfather. I am a new follower and cannot wait to browse through your photos.


A wonderful post Kim :-) As each year passes with Dylan, I am aware of his growing individuality and personality and my role in relation to that. Your post speaks volumes about our role as a parent.


Love this post, you are a lucky mum! she's gorgeous, thanks for sharing... miss you!

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