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September 04, 2010



Thank you so much Kimmy... xox


Its important to all of us, well said Kim!


Well said ~ well written ~ really makes one stop and think. Thank you for that.


Thank you Kim. You are a lovely soul to think about our beloved Greer and of course my sister, Jill and her husband Dave. They have always worked so hard to do the best for Greer. Thank you for voicing so eloquently what we are all thinking. Bless you.


That was beautiful Kim! Well done. Let's hope it makes a difference.


A very thought provoking post Kim. My heart always sinks when I hear about the government cutting public spending and despite the fact that I am in the U.K, the same thing happens here, it's always the stuff that's needed the most that is affected. The lack of value for human quality of life is shocking to me.

Carol x


I have no idea how i landed on this site... oh wait it was blog paste left on a forwarded email ..doesnt matter... but what a lovely site ...reminds me of a electronic version of the places we always want to get back to in our minds..only you have captured the beauty to share.... very impressive... thank you

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