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December 01, 2010



I got a chance to meet up with 3 girls last year that I had met on line. It was like sitting down with old friends ~ love how technology helps us connect with people we never would have "met" in person. Happy Birthday Joelle!

I L*O*V*E Lisa & Ryan's wedding pictures ~ you did a fantastic job and I am going to feature some in a post soon!

Joelle Banister

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Kim...I love this. It really is the lovliest gift I (and Scott) could have asked for..Both of us had wonderful birthdays : ) Thank you for thinking of us. Come see us again soon. You are always welcome! Love, Love, Love xoxox Miss you!


How come I have never seen this? hmmm...it's fabulous. Life is funny the connections we make. Now, I find myself with more and more 'online' friends wishing I could travel the world and meet them all. Ahhhh...one can dream ;) hugs to you.

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