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July 08, 2011


C. Dant

Beautiful pictures, beautiful kids. Doesn't get any better!


Hey ....... that was going to be my line Chris !! So I will say how blessed you are, and how grateful you must be. Only pic missing is the one that I hope Jacob took of Grad and Mom -let's see it up here Kim !! Pretty emotional, isn't it ??


You are forgiven for not posting ~ as you can see I am behind on my reading as well! Congrats to Hannah!! Sackville had the greatest prom and pictures at the swan pond are amazing. I was there with Lisa & Jillian and I was giddy... thank goodness you will have some time to recuperate before you go through it again.


Finally you are back, God love your photo's, God love You and your kids. What a fabulous job, but of course you know what i think.
Yes, I too think there should be the Mom and Daughter pic up there.


I love the dress!! It's beautiful and unique :D My little sister just graduated in June as well. *sigh*

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